7 Of The Best Ways To Make Money Online

This post covers some of the best ways to make money online. No matter if you’re working full-time or are a stay-at-home mom, there are various ways to boost your income. The best thing about making money online is that you can do it from anywhere in your own time. Since I can remember I’ve been stuck in an admin job to make a living. Until a few years ago I had no idea that I’ll be boosting my income with online work.

I was browsing Facebook one day when I came across a post from Kaboutjie blog about writing content on a freelance basis. I’ve always had a knack for writing and have been doing it since I can remember. However, I had zero experience, and to be honest I had no idea what content writing was. But, lucky for me, I had one of the best mentors that taught me everything I need to know about SEO, content writing, and blogging. I have to mention that this is not something that you learn within a day or a week.

Online trends and Google algorithms are ever-changing and even SEO is such a broad subject that even after doing this for a few years, there are still things that I’m learning. It’s not something that you can explain to or teach someone over a short period of time. But one thing I can tell you … it’s worth it! I have not regretted embarking on this journey for one bit and my online work is something that I want to pursue full-time at some point. But for now, I still need my salary to make ends meet. If you are looking for the best ways to make money online, keep reading.

7 Of The Best Ways To Make Money Online

the best ways to make money online


Do you have a specific area where you shine? Or have you got a ton of experience in a particular field? You can share your knowledge online through blogging. If you’re a keen traveler, love cooking, or love to create the most beautiful crafts? You can start your own blog and write about it, share videos and photos, and attract an engaging audience.

With a successful blog, you can make money in various ways through advertising, affiliate marketing, or guest posting. There is a whole world out there for you to explore and monetize your website. Five years ago I didn’t even have a blog and now I’m busy writing this article on my blog Liesiesekind, sharing away my tips!

Affiliate Marketing

If your blog is getting lots of traffic and you’ve built an online presence, you can boost your income through affiliate marketing. Affiliates earn a commission when someone clicks on your affiliate link that takes them to the affiliate network’s website and busy something there.

Freelance Writing

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve started my online work as a content writer. Since then, I’ve written content for countless articles, ranging from 500 to 3000 words. One thing that really benefited me was working for an Australian company during my first two years of content writing.

I wrote about various topics for different niches which helped me to gain valuable experience. Once you’ve gained some experience you can register on sites like Fiverr and Upwork where you’ll get access to many freelance jobs that suits your specific skill set.

Because of my content writing and blogging experience, I’ve expanded my range of services and was able to do freelance work as a proofreader and virtual assistant via Upwork. Some of the skills that helped me to become a decent content writer are writing native English articles that are SEO optimized, engaging, and free from spelling or grammar mistakes.

You must also be willing to put in the hard work. I remember getting up early to write before I go to my office job, working on weekends and every free minute that I have. Now that I’ve done this for a few years, I can be more selective about my clients and the type of articles I write.

Become a Virtual Assistant

I landed a job as a VA on Upwork in April of 2022 and am currently still working for the company. I really enjoy this part of my online work. For this particular client, I don’t do the writing, but optimize the articles for SEO, formatting, and publishing.

If you don’t know what formatting and publishing mean – it’s basically adding external and internal links, images, headings, etc. – essentially beautifying the post before publishing it on the website. I wouldn’t have been able to do this job without my content writing and blogging experience.

Even though I don’t write the content, I still need to proofread the articles to ensure they are grammatically correct, have no spelling mistakes, and are easy to read. This is important for writing as well because when you write content, you want it to be engaging and the article must flow. You want to keep your readers stay engaged and read your article right to the end.

Jobs for virtual assistants are pretty constant due to the resiliency of the role. VAs can work from anywhere in the world since most of their tasks are adaptable and done digitally. All you need is a PC with an internet connection, and you’re good to go.

Website Building

This is not something that I’m too familiar with, but I know that you can make a decent living by building websites. Most businesses have websites nowadays, which is incredibly useful for brand awareness and attracting more business. Professional website builders can earn around $5000 for an excellent quality and reliable custom-created website.

Proofreading & Editing

Due to my content writing experience and being familiar with the Grammarly grammar tool, I managed to secure one of my biggest proofreading jobs so far last year. I proofread and edited an entire book for an extinguished and successful businesswoman last year. And after that, the same client hired me again to proofread and edit a few of her website pages.

I’ve also written 15 short-form articles for her during the last three months of 2022. That’s the beauty of online work. You can keep expanding your skills and network of professionals. Word of mouth and online testimonials are powerful tools and can continue to bring in more business for you from reputable professionals. Just work hard and always do your best – the rest will happen automatically.

Design Graphics

If you already have experience in graphic design, then you can hone your skills to make money online. There are always individuals or business professionals looking for graphic designers to design creative graphics for prints, products, or websites. My experience is limited to designing images for my blog posts and clients’ articles that I publish, but it is one of my favorite things to do.

One of my clients gives me the freedom to design the images in any way I like or write about anything that comes to mind as long as it is relevant to her niche and website. I always enjoy publishing articles for her because the role allows me to tap into my creativity and use my own discretion.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the best ways on how to make money online. I am so grateful for all the online opportunities that have come my way since I embarked on this adventure. It wasn’t always easy, and I still work on weekends to boost my income and make ends meet. But one day I will be looking back at this post and smile… because I will be doing it full-time.

The difference between doing something just to survive and doing something that you love while making money is what makes it all worth it. Being good at something doesn’t always mean you enjoy doing it. But sometimes it’s the only option we have. With my online work, I now have a goal that I work towards – monetizing my website and within a few years doing freelance jobs and blogging full-time.



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