Everything you need to know about the name Liesie

I am one of those people that were “blessed” with three family names. My middle name is Eliza, and my parents decided on naming me Elize. When I was a little girl, my parents and family members always used the nickname Liesie. I am particularly fond of the name.  The only times I was called by my real name, Elize, was usually when I landed myself in hot water. As an adult, most people called me by my real name, but I also had various nicknames. At work I was named “Liesbet” and “Elizabeth”. When I changed companies, I was also called Lisa (same pronunciation as Lisa se kind) and Liza (same pronunciation as Liza Minelli). Family members and close friends called me Liesie, Lies or Liza.

Why did I name my blog Liesiesekind?


The name Liesie brings back fond memories of my childhood. I was truly blessed to be gifted with the best parents. They had their flaws just like everyone else. No one is perfect. One thing I always knew was that my parents loved us more than anything else. There was never a lack of love and affection in our home. We were clothed and fed, and I felt protected. You never genuinely appreciate your parents until the day you are a grown-up and have children of your own. Only then, do you appreciate the sacrifices that your parents had to make to raise you. I have a boy of my own and there is no one or anything in this world that I love more. I chose the name Liesiesekind because my blog is about everything parenting, health, and family related. My nickname as a child was Liesie, and now that I have a child of my own, choosing the name Liesiesekind just made sense. The moment I decided on this name, I knew that it was a perfect fit, and that everything I am is summarised in this name.


Even though I could not find a lot of information about the name Liesie, I did find many people that use the name on their social media platforms and on the web. Among them were a poet, a medical rep, and a YouTube channel with 1.8k followers.

Different spellings and pronunciations for the name Liesie:

  • Lisie
  • Lizie
  • Lisa
  • Liza
  • Lizzie

Interesting information found on the name Liesie

  • People who are most likely to search for the name are from Poland.
  • People from different countries that are most interested in the name Liesie, are from Poland, South Africa, and New Zealand.
  • The most popular related names of Liesie: Louise, Lisa, Louis.

Interesting information for the last name Liesie:

  • Life expectancy – people with this last name, has an unusually short lifespan. This could be an indication of ancestors living in harsh conditions or they had health issues that were prevalent in the family previously.
  • Census record – 3000 Census records exist for the last name Liesie.
  • Passenger list – 642 Immigration records exist for passengers who arrived in Australia with details about their journey, arrival, and departure.
  • Military records – 1000 Military records exist for this last name.

Interesting information about the name Liesie – Kabalarian Philosophy website

  • The name Liesie has given the person a quick and analytical mind.
  • The name suggests that the bearer is versatile, creative, and imaginative.
  • Positivity, independence and an urge for action and progress are strong attributes embedded in their nature and they find it problematic to control.
  • They feel happy when progress is made, but the moment their freedom of action and individuality is obstructed or restricted in some way, they can become intensely nervous.
  • During moods of depression they can become belligerent and caustic towards everyone, especially those that are closest to them.
  • Monotony, routine, and responsibility of looking after information could have the same affect on them, because they desire travel, change and fresh experiences.
  • For them to achieve greater congeniality in their personal associations, they must adopt greater generosity, a more relaxed attitude, and tolerance. They must avoid being too self-opinionated and outspoken.


Oddly enough, I did find a lot more information about the name Lisie on the internet. The first name Lisie is one hundred percent assigned to girls. The country where the name is mostly used, is Brazil.

First names which are an anagram of the name Lisie:

  • Eilis
  • Eliis,
  • Llies
  • Ilise
  • Islei
  • Leisi
  • Sieli
  • Seili
  • Silei


Lisa is a well-liked Mexican name which means “devoted to God” and is viewed as a popular nickname for someone you love.

Interesting information about the name Lisie – Kalabaria Philosophy website

  • The name Lisie encompasses immense emotional power which is a driving factor in accomplishing anything noteworthy or worthwhile and reaching ambitions.
  • Humanitarian ideals is linked to this name, making one feel an urge to follow the cause of assisting victims of injustices and circumstances.
  • A person that is named Lisie may find it problematic to materialize their ideals since they are restless, making them uncertain about what they should be working towards, and the intense level of their nature makes systematic concentration and application somewhat challenging.
  • The person could have contrasting feelings towards individuals, either exceptionally intolerant or fiercely loyal.
  • There is rarely a blissful medium involved in their feelings.
  • The person experiences many disappointments in tragedy, feelings, and the loss of things they might be striving towards intensely.
  • Negative experiences might make them critical, argumentative, and cynical.
  • The person might find it problematic to see a humorous or brighter side in a situation.
  • Health analysis – the name might make the person high strung and nervous, resulting in tension that affects their nervous system and solar plexus.

A hospital named Lisie

  • The Mar Augistine Kandathil Memorial Lisie hospital is located near Kaloor, in Kochi, India and is well known for its service to those who are less fortunate.
  • The hospital was established in memory of Mar Augistine Kandathil, soon after his demise. The hospital was founded according to his original plans and vision in 1957 as a token of his dedicated to St. Thérèse de Lisieux.
  • The hospital is a tertiary referral institution and the largest in Cochin.
  • The Lisie Heart Institute is a substantial interventional cardiothoracic and cardiology centre which performed almost 4000 interventional cardiac surgeries and procedures in 2006. The current team of doctors were instrumental in performing the very first total arterial bypass surgery under Dr. Jose Chacko on a beating heart as well as heart plantation in the state of Kerala.
  • The general department handles about 5000 inpatients and 50000 outpatients each year.

Educational institutions within the Lisie hospital include:

  • Lisie College of Allied Health Sciences
  • Lisie College of Nursing
  • Lisie School of Paramedical Science
  • Lisie College of Pharmacy
  • Lisie School of nursing

Interesting facts about the name Lisie – Babynology website

  • Country/religion where the name is used: Danish
  • Rhyming names for Lisie: Anisie, Afrodisie, Daisie, Delrisie, Chrisie
  • Similar names to Lisie: Lisia, Lisiana, Lisian, Lisimba, Lisi, Lisieux, Lisianna

Other interesting information found about Lisie on Babynology website

  • Character analysis – Persons who bear the name Lisie are cheeky, fun-loving, and charismatic individuals. They adapt easily to change and love bright and colorful surroundings. They approach life with cheerful optimism, have a gift of communication, and usually spread joy and inspiration. They have a healthy zest for life and spread their enthusiasm with everyone around them. They have an excellent sense of humor and tend to be the joker.
  • Love analysis – Persons that are called Lisie are in some instances too idealistic and they tend to get attached to individuals who have issues and need support.

Name letter analysis:

L – The person is often guilty of overthinking situations instead of just experiencing life.

I – A compassionate individual that feels things at a deeper level.

S – The person is incredibly charming.

I – A compassionate individual that feels things at a deeper level.

E – The person is enthusiastic, freedom-loving, and enthusiastic.

Different meanings of the name Eliza (my birth name)

  • English – The English meaning of Eliza: My God is bountiful / God of plenty.
  • French – The French meaning of Eliza: Consecrated to God.
  • Greek – The Greek meaning of Eliza: Oath of God / God is satisfaction (Eliza is derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba.
  • Hebrew – The Hebrew meaning of Eliza / Elizabet: Oath of God / God is satisfaction (derived from Hebrew name Elisheba).
  • American – The American meaning of Eliza: Oath of God / God is satisfaction (derived from Hebrew name Elisheba)

Writer’s notes

The information that I have shared in this article was purely for entertainment value and I  found it on the internet. Some of the data were statistics, while the rest I’ll take with a pinch of salt. I personally believe that a person is not defined by his or her name, and  I know what kind of person I am.  I do not enjoy conflict nor am I a pessimist. I enjoy life and never gives up easily. I am a hard worker, extremely loyal, and I treasure those that are the closest to me. Once you’ve found a friend in me, you have a friend for life.


I hope that you have enjoyed my article about what the name Liesie means and the reason behind my chosen blog name. Feel free to connect with me and leave a comment on my blog post. If you can find any other information about the topic, please share it in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about the name Liesie

  1. What an enjoyable and fun post. I’ve always been fascinated by names, their origins and their meanings.
    I love that you have used your childhood nickname for your blog, bringing not only your child and parenting journey into your blog but also your own inner child.
    That is something that I’ve found interesting being a mom, is how I can really get to play again!

    1. Thanks Lynne for reading my post and commenting! Yes, that’s exactly it. I love reliving some of my childhood memories through my own child. You get to experience things that you loved doing as a child. 🙂

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