5 Things That Helped me Through Difficult Times in 2021

So another year has reached its end and we are starting 2022. Today I will be reflecting on last year and share 5 things that helped me through difficult times in 2021. First, I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. 

It seems a bit unreal that 2021 is done and dusted. As I get older, it feels like every year is speeding by faster than the previous one. 

Low Points of 2021

  • My mom’s eyes deteriorated even more and she and I embarked on two stressful trips to Steve Biko Hospital for her to see a specialized team of doctors and book an eye operation.
  • I got Covid (Delta variant) and my one lung partially collapsed.
  • My cat disappeared for a few days and I thought I would never see him again.
  • We went through difficult financial times and surviving was a real challenge.


helped me through difficult times

High Points of 2022

  • My lost cat returned home on the evening of 31st of December 2021. Tigger has helped me deal with the grief of saying goodbye to my doggie Grietjie that had to be euthanized in December 2020. The thought of losing another pet broke my heart. 
  • My mom finally had an eye operation which was a success. All she needs now is her lenses to regain about 50-60% vision. This is going to make such a significant impact on her overall wellbeing and quality of life.
  • I recovered fully from Covid within a week with no lingering health issues.
  • Towards the end of the year, two new skills and work opportunities were added to my resume: virtual assistant for my friend and collaborator Lauren Kinghorn for her websites, LaurenKinghorn.com, Human Pacifier, and Inspiring Mompreneurs, and editor for Media Gearheads. I am a true believer that you are never too old to learn something new. Remember I am working towards a future that involves quitting my full time job and doing blogging and content writing full time. Editing, proofreading, and virtual assistant work are all valuable tools that I can use to my advantage. Needless to say that my financial situation has improved and I am looking forward to seeing what the new year brings.

My New Year’s Goals

I don’t really have new year’s resolutions, but rather a few personal goals that I would like to accomplish. And if I can’t, it’s ok. We are only human and sometimes circumstances and experiences get in the way of accomplishing our goals. All we can do is try our best and make do with what we have. My three goals for this year:

  • Eating healthier and trying to lose the weight that I’ve gained last year.
  • Broadening my skills and actively working on them to sculpt my future of becoming a full time mompreneur.
  • Saving – this is something that was impossible to do until now. Even if I only manage to put R100 away every month. I need to have some kind of emergency fund for those unforeseen events.

5 Things That Helped Me Through Difficult Times in 2021

My Family 

When I had Covid my husband really stepped in and helped me through the entire ordeal. He drove me to get my blood drawn, XRays taken, doctor’s appointments and doing all the shopping, taking care of JD, and preparing all our meals. I was sharing a home with my five-year old son and husband while having Covid but they didn’t get sick.

I wore my mask 24/7 and sanitized my hands and all surfaces and objects before handling or touching it. My mom is one of the most inspirational and important people in my life. I know the time that I spend with her is only borrowed. But I am so grateful that she is still here and that I can visit her and phone her all the time.  She has been through so much but she is still here and hardly ever complains.


My Support System

It is imperative to have a support system during the challenging times. A support system could involve one or a few individuals that you trust and that you know have your back. I am one of the really lucky ones that have a few ladies in my life that I can confide in and that checks in frequently. When I had Covid so many of my friends reached out and sent me messages daily to check in on me and to wish me well.

A few months ago I was going through a rough patch when my mom was admitted to hospital and things were not going well. The messages of encouragement, prayers, and genuine caring words helped me to get through it. All I can say is that I am truly thankful and blessed.


Sometimes I like to escape and not think about work at all. I watch Netflix and work on a crochet project. My mom was very skilled at crocheting and she taught me a few basic steps when I was growing up. I haven’t done crocheting for many years but four years ago after my Dad passed I started working on a granny square blanket to keep my thoughts and hands busy. I found it very therapeutic and looking at my finished project gave me a sense of accomplishment and pride in my work. It wasn’t perfect but it was something I started and finished. 

My Best Friend And Soulmate

I met my best friend in 1993 through her cousin who was in my friend’s circle. We spent some time together during the school holiday and we instantly connected. This year, we will be best friends for 29 years. We don’t see each other every day but she is one of those people that knows me inside and out. She knows my good side and bad side. She manages to make me laugh even when I don’t feel like smiling. We know each other’s secrets and no matter how long we’ve spent time apart, whenever I see her again, it is like nothing has changed. 

My Son

I didn’t think that I was cut out to be a parent. And some days I question whether I’m a good parent or not. Parenthood can be highly challenging but also immensely rewarding and I’ve never regretted my decision to have a child. My life has changed from the moment my JD was growing inside my belly. He is one of the best things that has ever happened to me and he is my main reason for never giving up and keep pushing on even when things get tough. 


I hope my post about the five things that helped me through difficult times in 2021 has been insightful. Feel free to share your experiences with me and to tell me about the things that help you to deal with challenging times. Happy new year and stay safe.




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  1. Happy new year Elize! I hope that 2022 is kinder to all of us than 2021 was. It was a year of do many challenges and I know how tough it was for you. Congrats on all your fantastic achievements.

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