5 Best Guidelines on How To Choose a Babysitter

Today’s post covers a few guidelines on how to choose a babysitter. Whether you’re looking for someone to occasionally babysit or a full-time childcare professional, it can be tricky to find one that ticks all your boxes. For many moms, it’s overwhelming to leave their little one in the care of someone else, but if you find the right person for the job, it can make your life a lot less stressful.

5 Best Guidelines on How To Choose a Babysitter

how to choose a babysitter

Think About Your Needs

You should think about what you need – do you require a babysitter for one or two weekends every month, or one for weekdays while you’re at work? Once you know your criteria, it’s easier to find someone reliable that will meet your needs.

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Ask People You Know

An excellent way to find a reliable babysitter is by asking friends, colleagues, and family members if they know about someone. If your friend has a dependable nanny that is great with kids and you only need one occasionally, there might be a way to make use of her services without interfering with your friend’s schedule. You can also find out from local schools or keep an eye on social media for recommendations. Another option is to check for websites or staffing companies that offer childcare options in your area.

Interview Prospective Nannies

Once you’ve made a short list of probable candidates, it’s time to set up interviews. A good way to start is by asking them about their babysitting experience as well as first aid training. Consider the type of person you want for the job – do you prefer someone young and energetic, or someone that is a bit older with plenty of experience? A younger person with more energy can keep the kids occupied and take them to the park for instance.

If possible, conduct the interviews at your home for them to familiarize them with your home setting, and so that you can see how they interact with your kids. Do they seem distracted, or do does it look like they’re at ease with children?

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Ask For References

No matter how reliable they may come across after meeting them in person, it pays to go through a little effort and follow up on their references. You should ask for at least three. When you phone previous employers ask about how reliable they are, their communication, and how they dealt with stressful situations. Also, ask if they are good with following instructions and if they make good judgment calls when the need arises. You might also consider doing a background check at your local police station – you can never be too careful when it comes to your most precious possessions – your children.

Be Clear When You Give Instructions

Once you found the right person for the job, be sure to discuss your house routines and rules. Be transparent about your expectations about things like playing outside, screen time, and homework. Also ensure the person has the following information:

  • Where they can reach you
  • The location of keys they might need
  • Your emergency numbers for friends, relatives, your house doctor, or any other numbers they might need
  • The location of your fire extinguisher and emergency exit
  • Where you keep the first aid kit or medication for allergies and other ailments your children have

Also go over standard safety tips regarding falls, poisoning, fire, and water safety.

Final Thoughts

I hope this post about how to choose a babysitter was helpful and that you will keep these guidelines in mind next time you’re looking for a reliable person to babysit for you. Although it might be tempting to use an older sibling, the neighbour’s daughter, or cousin, you might want to reconsider, unless they have proper safety training to handle emergency situations.



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