The Papery Product Review: Scribble in Style

As far as stationery, planners, and journals are concerned, The Papery is in a class of its own. Christmas arrived in May this year for me because I was fortunate to receive a few of their most popular products for review. If there’s one thing that gets me really excited, it’s stocking up on new stationery and planners.

Even as a child, starting every school year was exciting because it was time to replenish my stationery inventory. With so many stationery retailers and suppliers inundating the market, it’s difficult to stand out. However, The Papery is a cut above the rest and one of my favorite brands. Their products are not just functional but also exceptionally beautiful and high quality. 

From diaries to planners, stationery, craft supplies, and journals, they have something for everyone. You can also order a jam-packed box once off or sign up for a monthly subscription to receive a box filled with carefully curated treasures to ignite your creativity and stock up on new, exciting craft and stationery supplies. Here is my review of the products I’ve received.

The Papery Product Review


the papery product review

Scribblz A4 Journal – Pink Lotus

The A4 hardcover journal has six stunning design options (Pink Lotus, Charcoal, Floral Heart, Turquoise Tree, Lilac Dream, and Sunshine Yellow). This journal is perfect for tracking your daily or weekly activities, writing down to-do lists, or simply using it as an inspirational journal to write down your favorite sayings, poems, song lyrics, daily affirmations, and even recipes.

Whether you’re using it as an art journal, reading journal, or inspirational journal, this is the type of book you can make your own and maybe pass on to your son or daughter as a family keepsake. The journal has a hardcover (perfect for excessive use) and has 195 lined pages with a section where you can insert the date. 

Product features:

  • 195 Pages
  • A section for inserting the date
  • Sturdy hardcover, perfect for longevity and excessive use
  • Available in six designs
  • Perfect for gifting

I received the pink Lotus journal, which is stunning with an eye-catching pink background, intricate Lotus design, and inspirational wording: “Do the things that make your soul sing.” And that’s precisely what I’ll be doing with this journal – adding all my favorite things (photos, sayings, recipes, my child’s drawings, etc.) that make my heart sing.  

Flexi Multiplanner – Buttercup Yellow

If you’re looking for a multifunctional planner for business or personal use or both, then the A5 updated planner with flexible cover should be your number one choice. This is not your average diary that you buy at every stationery store. What I dislike most about the diaries you usually get is that they are dated.  This planner is unique because you can use the top half of every page to make lists, jot down notes, and add sketches, while the bottom has time slots for writing down time-based appointments.

In addition, there is a space where you can add the date, and there are 450 pages, which means you’re getting incredible value for money. The cover has a lovely soft, flexible, and leather-like feel. I often look at my old diaries and regret throwing them out once the year has lapsed when there is still ample space for writing things down. Because they are dated, I can’t go back and re-use pages with fewer entries.

However, this is not the case with the flexi multiplanner because you add the date and can start using it any time of the year or continue using it the following year. What’s more is before each week, you have an additional “my week at a glance” page which allows you to quickly summarize and plan the week ahead.

Product features:

  • 450 Pages
  • Not dated 
  • A space for adding your personal details
  • Extra pages for adding phone numbers
  • Available in eight vibrant colors and black
  • Each page has two sections – the top half for writing notes, lists, or sketches, and bottom half for time-based appointments
  • Good quality paper
  • Lovely flexible and soft leather-like cover (also available in genuine leather)
  • Elegant and sophisticated design with debossed logo

The planner is available in black and eight vibrant colors and is perfect for busy individuals with multiple roles. As a full-time working mom, freelance content writer, blogger, and virtual assistant, I know my buttercup yellow flexiplanner is going to make my life a whole lot easier. 

Scribblz A5 Notebook – Elephant

I fell in love with my Scribblz A5 notebook, which has a soft green background, intricate decorative swirly patterns, and a black and gold elephant design. The booklet has 64 unlined white paper pages, perfect for jotting down notes, telephone numbers, and on-the-go information when you’re out and about. Stay organized with this elegant and functional notebook, which is lightweight and easy to slip into your handbag. The A5 Scribblz notebook is available in four eye-catching designs: elephant, tree, owl, and bicycle.

Product features:

  • Lightweight and convenient size 
  • A5 notebook
  • 64 White unlined pages
  • Easily transportable for moms on the go
  • Stunning cover with printed design and gold foil detailing
  • Four gorgeous design choices

When you’re a mom who juggles home, work, and school activities, there’s always something that you have to remember or write down. I know my Scribbz A5 notebook will accompany me from now on wherever I go. 

Why Choose The Papery?

The Papery stocks a broad selection of unique, simply beautiful, quality, and functional journals, diaries, and planners. No matter your style preference, you are bound to find something perfect that matches your personality. In addition, their website is your one-stop shop for craft supplies, stationery items, leather products, and accessories like washi tape dispensers, calendars, pencil bags, teacher bags, and much more. All products are manufactured locally with high-quality materials, and delivery is nationwide within 3-5 days.

The Papery Club Membership

Art and journaling enthusiasts can sign up for The Paper membership at only R50.00 sign up price (fixed for twelve months) and will have access to these exclusive perks:

  • Two video tutorials every month.
  • Join the private Facebook group.
  • Cancel or pause your membership at any time.
  • Automatic payment each month until membership cancellation.
  • 10% discount on journal purchases.
  • Pay only R50.00 per month (fixed for twelve months) – normal price is R197 per month.
  • Pay for the entire year @ R498.00 and get two months free with a saving of 17%.
  • Become part of an exclusive community of like-minded art and journaling enthusiasts and like-minded individuals. 

The Takeaway

If you’re in the market for buying quality, unique, locally manufactured, and beautiful stationery and journals, look no further because The Papery ticks all the boxes! 

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