9 Best Tips On How To Choose And Use a Nursing Bra

Today, I am sharing some tips on how to choose and use a nursing bra. Breastfeeding can be a bit of a learning curve in the beginning, and certain things can make your breastfeeding journey a lot easier. Nursing bras are convenient supportive garments to wear while you are nursing, or during pregnancy. It is not the same as your usual bra because it has a latch that allows you to quickly provide access to your nursing baby.

They are recommended for breastfeeding moms because they offer added support for engorged breasts that might be heavier than normal. There are various factors that you must consider when you’re choosing the right nursing bra. Things like fit, size, material and how it opens are important.

9 Best Tips On How To Choose And Use a Nursing Bra


Choosing The Perfect Nursing Bra

The Fit

If the bra band is fitting too tight, it can pose a great risk of mastitis or plugged ducts. It can also result in sore breasts, that is why it is essential to find a bra that fits well. It is not easy to do this when you’re ordering online, so I recommend visiting the store in person.

The sales lady can measure your under bust and bust line to locate the right size for you. After buying your first bra in store, you can always order more bras of a similar style online. It is recommended to buy one or two nursing bras during pregnancy. Your breasts might change after you’ve given birth, but you are going to need at least two bras during the first weeks. You can always buy more in a different size later.

How It Opens And Closes

When selecting a nursing bra, you must check how it opens and closes. The idea is to give your baby quick access. Some bra’s snap, hook, or zip, while with others the cup is merely pushed aside. Most moms prefer nursing bras that easily open using one hand, since you are supporting your baby with the other hand.

Type of Material

The best materials are natural fabric like cotton because it is more breathable than synthetic fabric. Natural materials are also more absorbent. Synthetic fabric tends to trap moisture for prolonged periods, which could result in skin irritation.


The Cup Style

A Soft cup bra or a bralette is typically more suitable for breastfeeding than underwire bras. The underwire could cause discomfort or result in clogged ducts.

How To Use a Nursing Bra

If your budget allows, I highly recommend investing in a nursing bra instead of opting for a regular one. Struggling to lift an underwire bra over your breast can hurt and it might even do damage. Regular bras are also not designed with added support like the case is with nursing bras. A nursing bra is designed specifically to make the lives of breastfeeding moms a lot more comfortable and easier.  They are convenient and offer the necessary support.

Wear Clothing That Are Comfortable

During those first weeks of your infant’s life, while you are still finding your feet while breastfeeding, you might not want to wear a nursing bra. However, for women with larger breasts, or who have engorged breasts that are uncomfortable, it is much easier to wear something that is simple, comfortable, and easy to pull down or up during this time.

Invest In Good Quality Nursing Pads

Apart from wearing the right bra, you might also consider a nursing pad, especially during the first few months. These small absorbent pads can be placed inside the bra, covering your nipple. Nursing pads absorb leaking breast milk.

Pack Everything Beforehand

Pack nursing pads, nursing bras and whatever else you are going to need in your hospital bag so that it is ready when the baby arrives. You can make use of the support that you will be getting at the hospital to start practicing how to use everything.

Wear Stretchy Fabrics

After your baby is born, your breasts might swell when they become engorged. Stretchy and flexible fabrics in nursing bras allows for more room which comes in particularly handy at night. Also consider buying a few tank tops. They usually have detachable straps or large openings to quickly expose your nipple for feeding. They also have internal bras for support. Some moms find them an excellent garment to use for breastfeeding.

Ask For Assistance

If you are having issues with finding the right type of nursing bra for you, speak to an expert lactation specialist. They can identify the root of your issue and assist you with a nursing bra that best works for you. They can also assist you with any nursing or lactation questions you might have.


I hope you have found these tips on how to choose and use a nursing bra helpful. If you struggle with breastfeeding at first, don’t give up. When I had my baby I found it overwhelming at first, especially with my husband and the nurse trying to “help” me. When I was alone with my little one I figured out the best position that worked for us with no outside pressure. There are various breastfeeding positions that you can try.

Not all babies are the same and what may work for someone else might not necessarily work for you. Nursing is an excellent bonding experience between you and your newborn. Don’t feel discouraged if you’re struggling at first. Once you get it right, it will be one of those experiences of parenthood that you will treasure forever.



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