9 Natural Remedies To Ease Asthma Symptoms

In this post, I will be sharing a few natural remedies to ease asthma symptoms. I have been struggling with bronchial asthma for years and can tell you first-hand that it is not pleasant. I can’t think of anything worse than not being able to breathe. You’re trying to take a deep breath but it’s like there’s no air entering your lungs.

Thankfully mine is relatively under control and only surfaces when I’m exposed to certain triggers. This post is not about curing your asthma but rather managing it better by implementing a few natural remedies to ease asthma symptoms. Keep reading to find out more.

Natural remedies for relief of asthma symptoms

9 Natural Remedies To Ease Asthma Symptoms

1. Knowing The Triggers

I suffer from allergies, especially during seasonal changes when there is pollen in the air. Other things that might trigger an asthma/allergy attack are pet dander, dust, smoke, dust mites, and more. You can ascertain exactly what you are allergic to by going for an allergy test. In my case, I’ve just paid attention. I know exactly what triggers my symptoms which helps me to manage them better. If you know the triggers you can try and avoid them whenever possible.

2. Getting Your Caffeine Fix

For less severe asthma symptoms you can try a cup of Joe. Caffeine can help to open your airways somewhat since it is a mild bronchodilator.

3. Keep An Eye on The Weather

Weather conditions also have an impact on asthma symptoms with the air being dry and cold. You can wear a scarf and cover your nose and mouth to breathe a little easier. Indoor air can have an effect as well. Humidifiers can assist in adding moisture to the air.

4. Garlic And Ginger

These two spices contain anti-inflammatories compounds which can go a long way in easing your symptoms. Make a tea with ginger root and fresh garlic cloves. Strain it and drink it after the tea has cooled down. Adding them to your meals can also help.

5. Steam

Many individuals benefit from warm air whether a sauna, warm shower, or steam bath to help clear mucus and breathe easier. However, for some, it could have the opposite effect. So, make sure you are aware of your personal triggers.

6. Exercising

For some, working out makes their lungs stronger, however, for others, it is an asthma trigger. If you are starting a new exercise regime, remember to take it easy at first, or stick to less strenuous exercising like swimming or walking.

7. Vitamin D

In many instances, people who have asthma often have a vitamin d deficiency. If you suspect it is the case, have your physician test your levels. You can boost your vitamin D by spending more time in the sun or eating foods that are vitamin D rich like eggs, bony fish, and milk.

8. Inhale Deeply

You can make your lungs stronger by doing special breathing exercises. Excellent options are pursed lip or belly breathing. With pursed-lip breathing, you inhale deeply through your nose and then breathe out slowly two times through pursed lips.

9. Learning To Decompress

When you are tense, all your muscles become tense as well, including those in your chest. By managing tension through practices like yoga or meditation you can reduce the likelihood of asthma flare-ups.

10. Eat Colorful Foods

Colorful fruits and veggies contain plenty of healthy antioxidants such as beta-carotene and vitamins C and E that combats inflammation.  Try to steer clear of sulfites which are preservatives that can trigger asthma symptoms. It is usually present in dried fruit, shrimp, wine, and pickles.

11. Managing Your Weight

Being overweight can lead to various health issues. Too much fat in the belly and chest areas means you’ll find it harder to breathe. You can control your weight by doing exercise and following a healthy diet.


I hope you have found this post about 9 natural remedies to ease asthma symptoms helpful and that you will give some of them a try to see if it reduces your likelihood of asthma flare-ups or make the symptoms more tolerable.


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