8 Natural everyday remedies that every mom can benefit from

In this post, I will be sharing eight natural everyday remedies that you may not even know about. It is not always easy being a mom and making sure that everyone in your family is taken care of and stays healthy, particularly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the weather fluctuations due to seasonal changes we’ve been experiencing lately. But did you know that it is not always necessary to phone the doctor when one of your children or partner has a tummy ache or a blocked nose.


8 Natural everyday remedies that every mom can benefit from

Upset tummy – Fennel and chamomile

Did you know that chamomile is a sedative and contains anti-inflammatory components? Chamomile is effective for relaxing your stomach muscles and providing relief for reflux or/and cramps. For adults and older kids, you can crush some fennel seeds in a cup of warm water for relieving indigestion or gas or have them chew on it. Both fennel and chamomile can be purchased in liquid form. Simply dilute drops in some water.

An exceptional healer – Arnica

Arnica is an excellent natural remedy all round. You can use it for strains, bruising, sprains, concussion, injuries or shock. You can apply it topically with an ointment or orally with a liquid. Never apply arnica to an open wound.

Anti-inflammatory – Ginger

Ginger has been used for ages as a natural remedy for treating nausea, sore throats, tummy aches, motion sickness, mucus congestion, asthma, indigestion and coughs, due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics. You can dilute some ginger drops in juice for your little ones.

Calming relaxant – Valerian

Due to the mild tranquilizing effect of valerian, it has been well-known as a natural relaxant, used for treating insomnia and anxiety. Not only does it help you with falling asleep, it also enhances your quality of sleep. Valerian is safe to use for kids from three years and older. You can buy it in either liquid or tablet form.

A potent antioxidant – turmeric

Turmeric is incredibly effective for combatting infections, allergy symptoms, asthma, and coughs because it contains a chemical called curcumin that makes  it is a natural antiseptic and antioxidant that packs a powerful punch. In addition, turmeric is also used for improving your mood. It is thought of to impede enzymes in your body that is associated with depression, while enhancing levels of dopamine and serotonin.

Overall wellbeing and protector – coffee

Boy am I glad about this one. I can now enjoy my cup of Joe guilt free because research reveals that one or two cups of pure ground coffee a day not only gives you an energy boost, but the humble coffee bean also contains essential antioxidants. These antioxidants can assist with lowering the risk of diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease and liver cancer.

Keeping your gut healthy – probiotics

Probiotics which are found in fermented foods and plain yogurt are considered “good” bacteria which is effective for balancing your digestive system while boosting immunity. Did you know about seventy percent of your immune system is found in your digestive tract? This is why it is quintessential to maintain a healthy gut. Probiotics is a natural remedy for treating diarrhoea in kids and babies, plus it is effective for bringing relief for abdominal pain, bloating, cramps, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation in grown-ups. Probiotics can also combat fungal overgrowth and urinary tract infections.

Boosting your immune – Echinacea

Echinacea is available in liquid form and is a herbal remedy that is used for treating cystitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, and bronchitis. Echinacea is a powerful immune stimulant for adults and children alike. Not only is it antifungal and antibacterial, but it is also antiviral and anti-inflammatory. It can also help with faster wound healing.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these eight natural remedies that every mom can benefit from. Be sure to keep a few if not all on hand next time you have a sick partner or child at home. Prevention is always better than cure.


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