5 Inexpensive ways to celebrate Christmas as a family

In this post, I will be sharing five inexpensive ways to celebrate Christmas without breaking the bank. The holidays are upon us and it is that magical time of the year when we spend time with loved ones, exchange gifts, decorate Christmas trees, but most importantly, celebrate the birth of our maker. This year has been incredibly difficult for most of us with the onslaught of COVID-19 and for some even more than others.

This time of year can be a magical time, however it also causes a load of stress for some to make it truly special without crippling their finances. I’ve made a conscious decision this year to keep my Christmas expenses as low as possible so that my January doesn’t feel like a never-ending battle for survival.  After all, for me, Christmas is not just about gifts and decorations. During this time, I reflect back on the year, count my blessings, spend quality time with family, and celebrating the birth of Christ.

5 Inexpensive ways to celebrate Christmas


Visit local craft shops

Craft stores typically stock loads of child-friendly craft kits and other accessories that won’t cost you a fortune, but will offer plenty of fun family activities that you can do with your children. Crafting is a wonderful way to get their creative juices flowing to create their own master pieces. They can even make their own Christmas cards which are a lot more thoughtful than store-bought ones. You can keep your kids entertained for hours on end while doing something together as a family.


Plan weekly movie nights

Whether you have a Netflix subscription or a large holiday movie collection, or streaming movies live via any other service, watching Christmas movies as a family is an excellent and affordable way of bringing the festive spirit into your home and relaxing. Bath the kids early, put on your holiday PJs and make some microwave popcorn and start your weekly family movie night.

Check out your local thrift stores or dollar stores

You will be surprised at the unexpected treasures you will encounter in shops like these. You can find the cutest winter outfits for the children or inexpensive toys and stocking fillers with affordable wrapping accessories. Shopping at discount stores can really make your holiday budget stretch.

Make your own Christmas tree ornaments

This could be a new holiday tradition that is fun and memorable. You don’t even have to buy a lot of supplies. You can go on a scavenge hunt and collect pinecones for the kids to paint. And the craft supplies you have already bought can go a long way in making special decorations to adorn your Christmas tree with.

Implement the four-gift rule

Each child receives four gifts: something they wished for, something they can use, something to read, and something they can wear. It doesn’t have be expensive. Those second-hand stores and dollar shops is the perfect place to buy an item for each category. Used bookstores often have great children’s books at a fraction of the price.

Look for ways to pay it forward

You can check with local homeless shelters or churches for ideas to give back to someone in need. Doing something as a family towards charity can teach your kids valuable life lessons on staying humble and to appreciate the value of everything they have. It shows them that there are many children and people that are less fortunate than them and teach them that that the spirit of Christmas is about giving and not receiving.


I hope that this article has given you some ideas on how to celebrate Christmas without spending money that you don’t really have. Whatever you decide on doing, value the time that you have with your family and don’t forget the true meaning behind Christmas. Happy holidays! Stay safe and God speed.

2 thoughts on “5 Inexpensive ways to celebrate Christmas as a family

  1. I love that rule and it has been something that my mother always followed and now I do too. This tear i tried to make a focus on games that we can play as a family and im so glad that I did that now that we are in a harder lockdiwn and not allowed on the beach! We have been staying home and playing games together.

    1. I love that you stay at home and play games together. The festive season for me is the time of the year where we can rest and refuel and focus on family. Thanks for reading my post and commenting. 🙂

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