4 Health benefits of spending time with family – Jock & Java Nelspruit review

We all enjoy some time off to spend with family and unwind after a busy week. In this post I’ll be sharing four health benefits linked to spending time with family and share my mini review of our recent visit to Jock & Java Nelspruit.

4 Health benefits of spending time with family


It might just prolong your life

An article that was published in American Society of Aging revealed that elderly adults with extensive social networks benefited from advanced cognitive functions, virtuous episodic memory and a decreased allostatic load which is the devastating toll that ongoing stress has on the brain and body. Maintaining healthy relationships with your partner, family, and children contribute to staying healthy in mind and body.

Helps you cope with stress

Taking some time off, even if it’s just for a day or weekend to relax and unwind, is paramount for coping with everyday stress. Spending time with family and friends help to unload some of the stress by talking about issues instead of resorting to negative coping activities such as doing drugs, alcohol, or smoking.

It enhances your emotional wellbeing

The psychological substance that you gain through social ties boosts your emotional wellbeing. It gives you a more advanced sense of meaning and self-worth and a great sense of purpose in life.

It is good for heart-health

Stress is a contributing factor that leads to inflammation in the arteries that is the forerunner for clogged arteries (atherosclerosis). Having a strong bond with family and friends helps with stress relief. Stress often has a substantial impact on our health without us even realizing it. Keeping your stress levels low can greatly benefit your health.

Spending time with family – Mini Jock & Java review

Well, let’s face it, with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown, we have spent more time together as a family, but we didn’t have a chance to go out to sit down for a meal and being social.

We, as a family, recently visited Jock & Java in Nelspruit to spend some time together, just the three of us to grab a bite and relax in the outdoors.

More about the facility

Jock Pub & Grill is the perfect middle ground between glamorous restaurant and informal pub. I love going to the Jock. You can choose to sit at the bar, at the seated area next to the Koi pond, or outside under the trees (our preferred option), next to the kiddies play area.


One of my favorite things about the Jock is the delicious food. The menu is varied, with something for everyone. Their pizza in my opinion, is the best in town. But on this particular day, I was in the mood for a chicken strip and chips basket. You can add extra’s, so I chose the ribs and my husband had the chicken wings. They also cater for vegetarians and the desserts are to die for.


The Jock  remains a popular hang-out spot for singles, couples, and families because of the relaxed and welcoming ambiance and excellent service. This place is perfect if you’re looking for a casual restaurant that is family-friendly, but offers you something a bit more upmarket than Steers or Spur.


The place has a great selection of drinks on offer, from ice cold draft beers to refreshing ciders, interesting cocktails, or a nice glass of wine. When we arrived, we both enjoyed a castle draft and then moved on to some of the cocktails.


It was so relaxing and enjoyable to go out and have some conversation, good food and a few drinks with my husband while my son was playing in a safe and secure environment. Life is so stressful and busy. It is important to allocate some time in our busy schedules to enjoy the company of family and friends. Spending time with family is not just enjoyable, it is healthy too!


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  1. It looks amazing there and you are so right relaxing and spending time with family is so important. I love that you can sit outdoors (especially now with the pandemic) right next to the playground. We are trying to get out more as a family and bond more.

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