12 Must-Have Foods For New Moms

In today’s post, I am sharing 12 must-have foods for new moms to include in their diet. It can be an uphill battle for new moms to shed those pregnancy pounds. However, before focusing on losing excess weight, it is essential to rather focus on foods that give you the necessary energy. Becoming a new parent is not easy. Between diaper changes, feeds, and sleepless nights, you are going to need every bit of energy you can get.

When your eating plan is not providing you with the essential nutrients your body and your baby need when you’re nursing, you are not doing yourself any favors. Try to include these must-have foods for new moms in your diet to boost your energy levels and enjoy maximum health benefits.

12 Must-Have Foods For New Moms

must-have foods for new moms

1. Salmon

Salmon comes relatively close to perfection as far as nutritional value is concerned. This food is packed with DHA which is essential for the healthy development of a newborn’s nervous system. Breast milk contains this omega fat and by eating salmon you can boost your DHA levels significantly.

DHA can do wonders for boosting your mood as well, keeping postpartum depression at bay. Just a word of caution not to overdo it to avoid over-exposure to mercury. Salmon contains very little mercury, however, stick to the daily recommended limit of twelve ounces which is equal to two main servings a week.

2. Dairy Products

To boost your vitamin D levels, it helps to include low-fat dairy products into your eating plan. Apart from vitamin D, dairy products like yogurt, cheese, and milk also provide other beneficial vitamins such as calcium, B vitamins, and protein. Try to consume at least three cups of dairy per day.

3. Legumes

Beans, specifically dark-colored ones like kidney beans or black beans are excellent nursing superfoods. Not only are they budget-friendly but are also great non-animal protein sources.

4. Lean Beef

Lean beef is packed with iron, vitamin B12, and protein, and is a fantastic food source for boosting your energy levels. If you are planning on breastfeeding your newborn, be sure to include lean beef in your diet.

5. Blueberries

When you are nursing, you should consume at least two servings of fruit or more per day. Blueberries are tasty and a valuable source of essential minerals and vitamins.

6. Oranges

An orange a day boosts your immune and keeps your energy levels up. Vitamin C is vital for breastfeeding moms, so make sure you eat plenty of oranges and other citrus varieties.

7. Brown Rice

Many nursing moms try to eat fewer carbs to try and shed pregnancy weight. However, by doing so it can affect your milk supply and leave you feeling less energetic. Indulge in whole-grain carbohydrates like brown rice to pack an energy punch to help you through the first few weeks of motherhood.

8. Water

When you are nursing, you need to keep tabs on your fluid intake. Make sure you drink lots of water to help your body with milk production and keep energy levels boosted. You can switch between juice, milk, or water. Try to stay away from caffeinated drinks since your baby will get it through your breast milk which could make him irritable and not sleep well.

9. Eggs

Eggs are incredibly versatile and an excellent way to up your protein intake. You can eat them boiled, scrambled, or make an omelet.

10. Leafy Greens

Leafy green veggies like spinach, broccoli, and swiss chard have a high vitamin content which is beneficial for both you and your baby. They are also low in calories and antioxidant-rich.

11. Whole-Grains

One of the most efficient ways to get your energy levels up after a sleep-deprived night is by eating a bowl of whole-grain cereal. You can add a few blueberries for a delicious variety and to boost your energy even further. You can also add blueberries to a bowl of oatmeal to boost your milk supply.

12. Whole-Wheat Bread

When you’re pregnant, folic acid is vital for baby development in the first trimester. However, I bet you didn’t know that it is an essential nutrient in breast milk as well to keep your baby healthy. Whole wheat pasta and bread contain not only folic acid but also iron and fiber. So, make sure you indulge in these foods.


I hope you have found my post about 12 must-have foods for new moms helpful. Congrats on your pregnancy and motherhood. I hope that you will include some of these foods into your eating plan to cash in on the many health benefits they offer as well as boost your energy levels.

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